Señorío de Nevada

A project created in 1996 to produce top quality wines in Andalucía; these wines are especially unusual because the vineyards are on a strip of land in the far south of Europe: the Lecrín Valley, in Granada province.

Ctra. de Cónchar, s/n (Villamena)

T. 958 77 70 92

Our 21-hectare  wine cellar extends to the limits of the natural and historical region of La Alpujarra, which lies approximately 650 meters above the sea level.

We suggest a guided tour from the grapevine to the bottle, going over our wines’ elaboration places and processes. Includes the tasting of all of these attentions’ result: our wine.

Adress: Ctra. de Cónchar, s/n (Villamena)

Telephone: T. 958 77 70 92