Quesos Al Alba

Quesos Al Alba

AL ALBA cheeses are made with 100% pure cow milk, from farms located in Andalusia, and following the maximum traceability controls to achieve a 100% natural product, from our best milk for a better cheese, 100% Andalusian , and of the highest quality.

Baza, parcela nº 3, nº 1F, Pol. Juncaril

T. 648 218 597


We are a Cooperative of dairy cattle of Andalusia, born in April of the year 2015, and that today it already adds 117 cattle members, more than 15.000 cows, and almost 127 million liters of milk produced each year.

In Andalusia 2 million people live from the countryside. We have to start valuing our products, consuming quality Andalusian milk makes our land grow.
Adress: Calle Baza, parcela nº3, nº1F, Polígono Juncaril. 18220 Albolote (Granada)

Telephone: T. 648 21 85 97

Website: albaganaderos.com