Royal Chapel

The Catholic Kings, who saw Granada as a symbol of the unity of Spain and the Christian kingdom, ordered this Royal Chapel to be built as their final resting place.

Building works began in 1506 in Gothic style. The chapel was dedicated to the Saints John the Baptist and John the Evangelist. It was completed in 1517 during the reign of Emperor Charles V, who moved the remains of his parents, Juana the Mad and Philip the Handsome, there.


The chapel is an excellent example of late Flemish Gothic Renaissance style. It has only one exterior façade, as the other three sides are joined to the Cathedral, the Lonja de Mercaderes and the Sagrario. The beautiful ornate façade was designed by Juan García de Prada.

Inside the splendidly decorated gate by Bartolomé de Jaén, the Gothic altarpiece dating back to 1522 and the royal marble tombs carved by Carrara are all particularly impressive. Below the tombs is the crypt containing the lead coffins of the four monarchs and Prince Michael.


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