Alhambra Palace

Since 1910, this luxury hotel and palace which was inspired by the Nasrid monument has been a pioneer in Andalucía and in Spain. 126 junior suites and double rooms. Staying in this hotel is a unique and unbeatable experience.

Plaza Arquitecto García
de Paredes, 1

T. 958 22 14 68

Living History in tourism since 1910. Luxury Palace hotel inspired by the Alhambra Palace monument  itself, faithful representative of a renewed tradition and high European hospitality. Culture, pleasure, elegance and aristocracy coexist in this centenary hotel, pioneer of tourism in Andalusia and Spain.

126 comfortable junior suites and double/twin rooms, all and each one of them with a special charm. Unforgettable views to the romantic city of Granada or corners of the romantic forest of the Alhambra.

Adress: Plaza Arquitecto García de Paredes, 1

Telephone: T. 958 22 14 68